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A craft whisky distillery located downtown Kennesaw, NW Metro Atlanta Area.

Mark Allen of Acworth is a first generation whiskey distiller in Kennesaw, GA. He uses locally grown grains and fruits for producing his style of whiskey and brandy. He has remodeled an old historic barn and installed a 1,300-liter mash cooker to start his micro-distillery. All products are hand-crafted distilled spirits using traditional distilling methods.

Lazy Guy Distillery just started production in 2014 and it currently only has small batches of liquor for sale.



These batches of whiskey included:

  • Threesome Whiskey, named after the three ingredients used: a unique blend of corn, wheat and barley.
  • Kennesaw Lightning, a 100 Proof Corn Whisky that follows the moonshining tradition of the South.
  • Cold Heart, is a 120 proof unaged corn whisky
  • The General, a 151 proof corn whisky, named after a local train that was stolen in the Civil War’s Great Locomotive Chase of 1862.


As a first generation distiller, it has not always been easy for Mark Allen in his quest to develop a new product line for the Georgia market. It was 4 years from the idea to start a distillery to his first production batch in his barn in Kennesaw.

“Being a distiller in Georgia is much more difficult than in South Carolina due to law regulations and the three tier system. We only sell our products with word of mouth marketing”, states Mark Allen, “…and we are required to leave sales activities to the distributors which means we are not allowed to advertise our products in restaurants or shops without a representative of the distributor present.”

Tours of the distillery are currently only offered on certain days during the week or for special events. The distillery tasting room can be rented for special occasions.

Planning your visit:

  • Address: 2950 Moon Station Rd NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144 | Cross Streets: Between Whitfield Pl NW and Matlock Dr NW
  • Details: Lazy Guy Distillery