Celebration Distillation and its brand “Old New Orleans” is the oldest premium rum distillery in the US. Their award winning rums are made with Louisiana sugar-cane molasses.

The owner, James Michalopoulos, a local artist of New Orleans, founded the distillery in 1995. Michalopoulos has been fascinated with the distilling process since he was 7 years old. For Old New Orleans Rum he imported a French perfume still which he modified and perfected to distill rum. This still is used today and provides intense flavors and aromas for the rum.

During Hurricane Katrina, the distillery was flooded with 8 feet of water. However, it has continued to operate from the same warehouse and has since seen a rise in popularity. In 2012, the company doubled their production to 60,000 bottles, due to a rising out-of-state demand for their products.

Signature products of include a white rum, an amber rum (that’s aged three years in charred American oak barrels), a Cajun Spiced Rum and a super-premium variety which is aged 10 years.

Full tasting tours of all products are available six days a week at the Celebration Distillation warehouse on Frenchmen Street, New Orleans.


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