Trey and Bryan Bogg opened Palmetto Moonshine Distillery in 2010 in their hometown of Anderson, SC. The brothers found retired moonshiners to help them with their dream to open the first, legal moonshine distillery in South Carolina.

Palmetto Moonshine Distillery

The goal of Trey and Bryan Bogg is to keep the moonshine traditions alive by using family recipes that are up to 200 years old. Palmetto Moonshine Distillery is located the heart of downtown Anderson SC.

The beautiful 100 year-old brick warehouse offers complimentary tastings, free tours, events and a large shop where you can purchase the 105 proof ‘white lightning’ moonshine, un-aged, triple distilled with a smooth taste. It is sold in the classic ‘mason jars’ as it was sold for hundreds of years by illegal moonshiners in the South. In addition to the whiskey, Palmetto Distillery sells several homemade juices to compliment the moonshine whiskey and to help the customer create that perfect Southern cocktail.

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