Richland Rum, Vennebroeck Estate Private Reserve, an authentic, ultra, premium Rum, handcrafted in single day batches at the Estate’s Distillery in Richland, Georgia.


Richland Rum is a handcrafted Rum with a rich color that is surprising and delicious in its taste. Being patiently copper-pot distilled with home-grown sugar canes on the Vennebroeck farm in Georgia this Rum compares easily to high-class Bourbon Whiskeys.

Despite being located in a dry county Erik and Karin Vonks’ love for their Rum overcame all difficulties they faced starting a micro-distillery. “We wanted to create a product that is similar to the original type of Rum. Today Rum has a bad reputation, often being made from molasses“ explains Karin Vonk of Richland Rum, “Our rum is made from all natural pure sugar can syrup, never molasses. And we use time honored techniques to bring back the premium quality rum of days long gone, made on the past.”

And it is worth it! Richland Rum has created an own Southern style of how a Rum has to taste.  The restored brick store front built in 1896 is the perfect setting for fermenting, distilling and patiently aging vintage rum in oak barrels.

Planning your visit:

  • Address: Richland Rum, 333 Broad Street, Richland, GA 31825
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