Heidi Weitjens | hh♡


Heidi Weitjens | hh♡

About Me

Giday, when people ask where I am from, I simply say “I was made on King Island”.

I love living a life of freedom, walking daily on our bare beaches and taking photos of this amazing unique place and always able to find a smiling and supportive face.

Very passionate about our Island and all that is has to offer including; our world class quality produce, the outstanding quality brand which we are proudly well known for by everyone and the friendly locals.

This native Lady is very excited to be running the 1st Distillery at 40 degrees South. Making Spirits on King Island in Bass Strait Tasmania, well known as the Roaring 40’s.  It is known to have the freshest / purest air in the world and likewise with rain water, it sure seems that is the case to us anyway.

King Island famous for the tallest lighthouse in the Southern Hemisphere Cape Wickham, built because of the large number of unfortunate shipwrecks around King Island, especially the Cataraqui.

My mission is to contribute more to our local economy and community and do this Island and our Industry proud, by way of building and operating a profitable first class boutique spirit distillery, which can grow with demand.

Using local products and botanicals to distill our very own beautiful beverages ready to be enjoyed now by my Family, friends, residents, visitors and those from afar.

After 7 years in design, now distilling with 2 custom made Copper 55L Pot Stills, namely my Spirit Angels, that travelled across wild seas on a Cray Boat to their new home and are now distilling King Island spirits.

The growing Industry as I know it, the Distillers and their Teams are  fun, friendly and overflowing with passion and professionalism about awesome hand crafted alcoholic beverages.

King Island Distillery Spirits will be available online, but they are made in boutique batches and supply will be limited.  Pre ordering spirits is an option.

Bottles of Spirit made by King Island Distillery will also be the new gift to give males and females.  Designed as a great gift to give anyone celebrating any occasion.

Customers will be given the opportunity for the bottle to be dedicated as a ‘one of a kind’ for themselves of as a gift, hand-signed with a personalised note to the person from the Distillery of| King Island Distillery.

Furthermore a series of unique hand made small batch collectables will be next in line…..

Heidi Weitjens | hh♡

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